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GEM Research Publications in Thai Language

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in Thai language Hans Michael Guelich in Forbes (Thailand) May 2015

Forbes (Thailand) May 2015

Hans Michael Guelich in Forbes (Thailand) May 2015

The Business Breeder - Incubator and Accelerator benefit the entrepreneur
“If a small business owner just made one-hundredth of those mistakes and errors committed by great men of history, in ancient times, in mediaeval times, and some say even in this day and age, they would never come out of bankruptcy and prison alive. If bankers towards their clients, doctors towards their patients, husbands towards their wives, parents towards their children, engine drivers towards their passengers, were behaving ‘statesmanlike’, the end of humanity would already be far behind us, thousands of years ago.” (Erich Kaestner) (Download in Thai Language)

in Thai language Dr. David Achtzehn in Forbes (Thailand) March 2015

Forbes (Thailand) March 2015

The Entrepreneur, Superman or Villain
Recent years have seen entrepreneurship popularized to new heights. It is now traded as a sort of ‘magic bullet’ to cure all economy problems, as an innovator, a mass employer, a new buzz word for policy makers and educators. Popular media continues to supply the market with start-up success stories. App developers and SEO engineers have replaced astronauts as a top career choice. A new generation of Silicon Valley celebrities is on the rise. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are giving sport and music idols a run for their money. (Download in Thai Language)

in Thai language Ulrike Guelich in Forbes (Thailand) January 2015

forbes thailand january 2015 A History of Culture and Equality – Female Entrepreneurship in Thailand: 
According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor GEM, 126 million women worldwide are operating new businesses and another 98 million do so at the helm of established businesses. Yet –from a global perspective – we face a huge gender equality gap. Some countries like Pakistan have a nearly non-existent female entrepreneurship rate; and on the opposite side there are currently only six economies where men and women start and run businesses in an equal ratio, Thailand being one of them. (Download in Thai language)
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in Thai language 2014 OSMEP Thailand’s Entrepreneurship Report

OSMEP 2014 report Summary:  OSMEP gathers the research information related to “Innovation drives SMEs” from BUSEM and its GEM Research, which is extended with additional requirements and research questions of the Office of the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP). It plays a key role in figuring out SME promotion strategies and policies and serves as a center of coordination between the public and private sectors to promote strong and sustainable SME growth. Product and service development is significant to SME competitiveness as the process will increase the value of such products or services to meet market demand. The Full-Report (239 pages) is exclusive while the Mini-Report (40 pages) is accessible (Download in Thai Language)
OSMEP full report Summary:  The final report covers the commissioned work for the Office of the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP). The scanning field completely embraces the object region of the comparison 2012 – 2014 of the entrepreneurial activity and the entrepreneurial environment in Thailand to be examined. The report provides conclusions and recommendations for development of entrepreneurial activity in Thailand (239 pages) is available on request from
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in Thai language 2013 SME Agenda: Issues of SME Entrepreneurs … Issues of the Nation

Thai Future Foundation

Summary: The Thailand Future Foundation TFF Research in cooperation with GEM Research focuses on the analysis strategy for Thailand which implies that to solve the questions and requirements of entrepreneurs in small and medium sized companies enables to solve national questions. The report provides an agenda for leaders from business, academia, and government to engage in informed discussions of important topics for Thailand’s future with a view towards synthesizing and formulating them into practical and constructive solutions for implementation as well as to inform and raise the level of policy debate and to suggest. (Download in Thai Language)





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