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Summer University in Thailand: Entrepreneurship in Asia and Cross-cultural Communication




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Look inside: Here are some Snippets from our Schedule for you!

The schedule for the Summer University will remain preliminary until all bookings are confirmed. That will only be by the end of June 2015. However, we think you would like to get some impressions what we plan for you, and what the terms in the program schedule actually mean.

The non-academic program in this Summer University augments the understanding gained and skills developed in the academic part by adding hands-on experiences and activities in direct contact with different cultures. This does not only include one-to-one communication across cultures. It also aims at activities and observations of the many aspects of how things can be done differently, thus widening your perspective and adding some fresh and new views on how you can think and act beyond the limitations of your own culture.

In chronological order, we want to give you an overview of why some elements became integral part of this unique Summer University program.

Take a look:

Academic Program

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Module A:
Cross-cultural Communication

1. The Asian Way of Thinking and the Underlying Value Systems (3 hours)

This session attempts to explore Asian religions; concept of self, others and the collective group; roles and status; and family dynamics in order to understand how Asian culture differs from that of the West, particularly along cultural dimensions and value orientations. The lectures give an understanding of the Asian way of thinking and the underlying value system. They also discuss the impact of the cultural particularities on the local business practices. Many real-life examples and case studies are given. The lectures are very interactive and include role playing and games.

2. Eastern versus Western Communication and Negotiation Style (3 hours)

Topics of this lecture include managing cultural differences, negotiating across cultures, working with multi-cultural teams, and the challenges of managing global careers. Central to this session are analyses of international business case studies with an emphasis on the Asian-Western cultural differences and misunderstandings and the ways to overcome them.

3. Communication Praxis: Asian Faces at Various Locations in Bangkok (6 hours)

Entrepreneurial journey to sites of concealment in order to practice communication with entrepreneurs in various cultural settings, such as Arab, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Thai in the respective quarters in Bangkok. This session is supported by: Website

4. Entrepreneurial Ethics and Social Responsibility (3 hours)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Good Governance are one of a coin, reality and its challenges are the other side. In this session, students learn from in-depth experiences on ethical behavior and ethical dilemma in a global organization in different countries and cultures.



Module B:
Creating Entrepreneurial Mindsets

1. Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Opportunities (3 hours)

This session covers the four most frequently asked questions by foreign business people on Thai business law. It also covers issues related to answering these questions.

2. The Buddhist Approach to Entrepreneurship and Management
(3 hours)

Different cultures do things differently. Learn from a revered Thai monk how Buddhist teachings deal with entrepreneurship and management, and get deep insights into the different thinking of other cultures.

3. Cultural Influences on Entrepreneurial Leadership (3 hours)

What is entrepreneurial leadership today? How has leadership changed in the globalized world with an increasingly educated and affluent population in Asia? How do the social needs change the perception and connection with leaders? How do you recognize good leadership, and what makes good leaders? Are there special skills required for leadership in politics, business or society? These and other questions will be discussed during the class in an attempt to understand cultural influences on leadership.

4. GEM Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Comparison of Entrepreneurial Aspirations and Activities: Gender Equality and Networking (3 hours)

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) project is an annual assessment of the entrepreneurial activity, aspirations and attitudes of individuals across a wide range of countries. In this module, participants compare the results of Thailand and other Asian countries to the results of their home countries. This session is supported by: GEM


Module C:
Meet Entrepreneurs in Thought & Action

1. Success Stories of Non-Asian Entrepreneurs in Asia (3 hours)

This session tells the stories of Western entrepreneurs who successfully manage businesses in Thailand or other Asian countries. Students will learn about the main challenges a Western entrepreneur has to face in Asia and how to overcome those difficulties. To round up the session the students will also get to know some famous and successful Asian.

2. Six Company Visits: Meet the Entrepreneur (18 hours)

A ‘Meet the Entrepreneur’ session is a face-to-face meeting with a successful entrepreneur or a representative of the proprietor owner, explaining concept, strategy, and lessons learned. It usually begins with a company visit and ends with an opportunity to ask and discuss on the following topics.
2.1 Marketing and Sales in Asia
2.2 Media Attention and Public Image of the Entrepreneur
2.3 Hospitality and Tourism
2.4 Energy Drinks
2.5 Creative Bangkok
2.6 Food & Beverages



Review Academic Program (3 hours)

Finally, there will be a review of the whole academic program and its cultural aspects to connect the elements and avoid and gaps in understanding.


Add-ons - beyond the Syllabus

The syllabus for the Summer University is approved by Bangkok University already, and changing it is a time-consuming process. So, when we want to offer you even more in the Academic Program, we opted to do in the form of 'add-ons'. You will enjoy.

Company Visit: Education

Bangkok University is the biggest and oldest private university in Thailand. Why not meet the entrepreneur and have a look at an extraordinarly modern campus? You will visit the Rangsit Campus of Bangkok University in the North of Bangkok, and you will be surprised. We promise. (additional 3 hours academic program)

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

Chatuchak Market is world famous, but just going there without an introduction will only result you in getting lost between about 15,000 stalls on about 35 acres of market space. It's not only huge, it's great, too! So, we turn it into a guided experience for you.
(additional 6 hours academic program)





Non-academic Program

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Thai food

Introduction to Thai Food
(10-12 August 2015)

During the first three evenings, we will invite you to different Thai restaurants and eateries to help you becoming familiar with Thai dishes. Nothing is more frustrating than standing hungry in front of a food stall but not knowing whether you could eat what you see there. You will taste Central, Northern and Southern Thai dishes and learn how to pronounce the names of those dishes you like best. Certainly, we will also introduce you to Isaan Food, the dishes from the Northeast of Thailand.


Thai culture

Culture Tour Bangkok (12 August 2015)

On 12 August is H.M. The Queen’s Birthday, also called Mother’s Day in Thailand. Bangkok will be full of events celebrating the birthday of the ‘Mother of the Nation’, which gives you insights to official Thai culture. Besides, you will visit the Royal Palace and Wat Pho with the Emerald Buddha, you will discover humorous-naïve Buddhist wall paintings, and experience different modes of transportation, such as a tuk-tuk ride, a canal boat taxi, and a Khlong Tour through the hidden canals of Bangkok, once called ‘The Venice of the East’. Later, you will visit the famous Khaosan Road for dinner.



Take a Walk in Ayutthaya (13 August 2015)

On our way to visit one of the most famous Thai companies, we will take the opportunity to walk with you throught the famous ruins of the old Thai capital Ayutthaya. That is an activity one should do in the morning to avoid the biggest heat of the day since there is little shadow - eventually, we are not that far from the equator here.
After the company visit, you will go back to Bangkok on a wooden boat along the shores of Chaophraya River, especially impressive when darkness falls.


Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Tour (16 to 18 August 2015)

Chiang Mai is on top of the wish list of almost every foreign visitor to Thailand, and so is Chiang Mai's Sunday Market. We fly to Chiang Mai in the morning, thus having time for a guided City Tour in the afternoon, before ending the day on the Sunday Market when the heat of the day is gone. The next day, you will get in touch with elephants big and small, and enjoy the most famous attraction that Northern Thailand has to offer: River Rafting.


Cheer leading

Cheerleading, Aerobic, Tai Chi, and Karaoke (all optional)

Acrobatic Cheerleading is a widely enjoyed sport among Thai students (Bangkok University’s team is a World Champion in the sport). Every late afternoon, students exercise in front of the BUSEM building. Why don’t you join in to learn some basics and get in touch with Thai students?
Aerobic is the right thing after many hours sitting on a chair. In front of Tesco Lotus Hypermarkets there is an Aerobic event for the public with music and a professional Trainer. Joining in is free, and it sure is fun!
Tai Chi, the old Chinese art of shadow boxing, is practiced at several locations in early morning hours. One of the most famous locations is quite close to our campus and your hotel. Get up an hour earlier and see for yourself, or do it as well.
Karaoke meanwhile is as prominent in Europe as it is for decades now in Asia. If you wish to sing your soul out of your body, just let us know. The next karaoke bar is never far away in Thailand.


Bangkok by Night

Bangkok by Night (22 August 2015)

Clubbing in Bangkok is world-famous. You will start with a drink on a roof-top bar, look through some venues, and likely end up in Route 66 in the RCA complex. You will never forget that club tour, we promise.


Ko Samet

Trip to Ko Samet (23-25 August 2015)

Ko Samet is a small island of stunningly beautiful beaches. In the evening, restaurants and food stalls put their tables to the beach where you can enjoy fresh fish, various meats, and fresh vegetables from the grill. After dinner, enjoy the famous Fire Show presented by local staff until a real Thai beach disco opens.
You can opt for some tanning sessions (take a good high-factor sun protection all the time!), enjoy a Thai Massage, rent a boat for a tour around the island, ride the banana or a jet-ski (all at your own expense). In this fine and white sand, playing beach ball or beach volley ball is sheer fun for those who need some tougher action.



Pattaya Night (25 August 2015)

With Ko Samet being only an hour away from Pattaya, we take the opportunity to visit a major hotel in Pattaya in the afternoon and enjoy the hotel's signature restaurant for a festive dinner afterwards. Later that evening, you may join us for a tour through the famous (infamous) Pattaya nightlife to allow for some first-hand impressions.


Bangkok Shopping

Bangkok Shopping (28 August 2015)

Our experience in organizing Summer Universities taught us, that our participants want some free time for shopping at the end of the program. Well, the conditions are great: We are in Bangkok, and there we have some of the best shopping centers in Asia. Enjoy!


Valediction dinner and farewell

Valediction Dinner (28 August 2015)

The closing event for this Summer University comes with a great Dinner Buffet in a setting that you won't forget easily. It serves also as an opportunity to chat with your teachers again who are certainly invited to join this event.



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